A Very Important Question

A Very Important Question

I sat outside on a rare cool day in Kansas the other day this thought came mind. I invite you to ask yourself this question before you click away. It might be a question of life or death for someone.


I am a tiny life
waiting to be born.
All systems are go,
I’m waiting to blow my horn.

Some say I don’t deserve to live
“Not convenient at this time.”
But God created me
so it must be my time to shine.

So I ask you, “If you were me
and I were you,
would your view on abortion
still ring true?”

8 thoughts on “A Very Important Question

  1. If you were me and I was you?
    But I was me and not wanted, as I was told when she had to much to drink.

    So glad she had no choice because I would not be me.

    And it’s okay that me is me.
    I’m happy bring me you see.

  2. I respect your faith and your belief expressed in your poem – not all share these same beliefs … not many women choose abortion for convenience / but setting aside this difficult issue the recent overturning of Roe has some heartbreaking and perhaps unknown consequences for women – most horrific is that some states are now requiring a woman to carry a dead or unviable pregnancy – As a woman who had two miscarriages in my 4th month – one a 4 month ectopic pregnancy my views on the new consequences of overturning Roe are firm – there must be choice – obviously many women who are “Pro-Life” either do not know about these new laws that are cruel heartbreaking and life threatening – The question of when life begins is vast – I know I was thrilled from the moment I heard I was pregnant / the question of when a fetus/baby is dead is unquestioned and laws which now require a heartbroken woman to carry death or travel to another state will have me ask the same question as the last line of your poignant poem / if I am gone and in the womb would your view of abortion change ? Finally, I’m not sure why your poem was blocked I think open discussion and expression of feeling is very much what life is all about /

    1. Unfortunately, many women do choose abortion for convenience–or perhaps their other halves. You might be surprised at the number of people who are driven here from other states by their male counterparts. I too have had miscarriages. The abortion lobby would like this question of a necessary D & C to be twisted to serve their narrative.

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