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After suffering a sore hip for months, Vic discovers the real culprit–lung cancer. In this memoir, his wife, Sally describes their battle and the faithfulness of God throughout their struggle and beyond.

Joshua’s Journey: One Boy’s Victory Over Allergies

Joshua’s parents couldn’t understand why their son couldn’t learn, print legibly, or control bizarre behavior. After ten long years of frustration, a chance TV program provided sought-after answers.

Perhaps you have such a child and need answers too. This book may be a help to your child, you, or another adult loved one.

Hard Times in the Heartland

Hard Times in the Heartland

When Henry Freeman is orphaned in the depths of the Depression, he, the eldest of six brothers, is left to care for the rest of the family, especially the youngest–11-year-old David. Follow Henry as he struggles to raise his brother, find a wife, and survive the war.

While Henry is on the battlefield, his wife Harriet fills a man’s position as a clothing store manager and raises their daughter.

Part of this novel is based on Henry’s letters from WW II.

“Hard Times in the Heartland” is an award-winning novel–the third in a trilogy that includes “The Late Sooner” and “The Late Sooner’s Daughter.” This series is based on diaries and letters of the main characters–all relatives of the author.

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The Late Sooner

The Late Sooner

The Late Sooner is a historical fiction based on the author’s great-grandfather’s diary. Sanford Deering wrote one line a day and settled in the Oklahoma Territory on the Unclaimed Lands in 1889 with his wife, Lucy and two children.

Famine, prairie fires, tornadoes, death, and discouragement buffet this family while they attempt to carve out a life from the red clay of the Oklahoma prairie.

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The Late Sooner’s Daughter

The Late Sooner’s Daughter follows the life of Nora Deering from her childhood in Oklahoma to adulthood in Missouri. Walk with her in the late 1800s and early 1900s through trials and discoveries, fears and triumphs.

This book is a sequel to the very popular The Late Sooner who was Nora’s father. Both books are based on fact.

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God’s Little Miracle Books

In today’s world we are bombarded with huge doses of doubt and unbelief. I find as a chaplain to corporations, people are in need of encouragement; some true modern-day accounts of every-day folks to spark faith and hope.

The stories in the God’s Little Miracle Books are people who face the same struggles you and I do, who have seen God intervene in the most amazing ways. Many of the stories I have witnessed first-hand.

God’s Little Miracle Book contains true stories gathered over forty years. They show God’s intervention in the lives of every-day people—people personally known to the author.

The stories come from the author’s experience as a corporate chaplain, from being a wife and mother, and from travels abroad.

These stories inspire, encourage, and comfort readers in today’s uncertain times.

God’s Little Miracle Book

God's Little Miracle Book



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God’s Little Miracle Book II

God's Little Miracle Book II



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God’s Little Miracle Book III

God's Little Miracle Book III



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Looking Deeper

Looking Deeper

Looking Deeper examines one scripture per day in the original Hebrew or Greek words in a short, easy-to-read devotional, followed by a prayer poem. There is room on each page for the reader to jot personal thoughts or prayers. The e-version contains links to the online scriptures at for easy reference.

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Daily Walk with Jesus

Daily Walk with JesusA 365 daily devotional designed to fit the busy person’s need.

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Family Favorites from the Heartland

Family Favorites“Family Favorites from the Heartland: Recipes Sure to Please” is a collection of treasured meals our family has enjoyed for over fifty years. It’s my way of saying “I love you” without words.

I hope you will enjoy the recipes as well as the recollections contained in these pages. 

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create some delicious family traditions of your own.

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