Samples of Sally’s Poetry

Each April and November Writer’s Digest conducts an online poem-a-day challenge. Robert Lee Brewer posts a prompt for each day of the month. The poets post poems to the site at http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/2016-november-pad-chapbook-challenge-day-1.

I wrote this poem to the prompt, “Visitor.”

The Visitor


I wasn’t expecting this visitor
when I rounded the corner, lickety-split.
I hit the tree head on. The Grim Reaper said,
“Come with me. This is it.”



She draws the window blinds
behind sheer curtains;
shuts out the bright sunlight.
Her feet shuffle behind me
across the threadbare tapestry rug.
In the darkened room I can barely see
tatted doilies, worked around fine linen
that adorn the faded arms and head-rest
of the brocade wing-back chair.
A musty smell permeates the room.
Matching lamps, shades still dressed
in cellophane,
stand guard on walnut tables at each end
of the sagging divan.
With shaking hands, she sets a silver service
on the small Windsor table
next to white Haviland tea cups and saucers,
Passes me a tinkling cup,
“I’m so glad you have come
to brighten my day.”



Peach tree
bows its gifts.
Quick hands divide
wormy fruit from clean
into two boxes.
Branches denuded
of heavy burden,
reach skyward.



House quiet.
All five children
asleep, at last.

Christmas wrap
piled in corner
beside unwrapped gifts.

Naked Barbie,
lone Lego,
broken ruler,
discarded video tape,
Happy Meal toy,
scattered about
awaits rest
in toy box.

Vacuum stands at attention
longs to be asked to waltz
over crushed crackers,
broken cookies,
bits of paper,
snippets of ribbon
and tape.

As for me,
I’ll sit and enjoy
the quiet;
as I imagine some
good fairy
to arrive
before morning
to make a clean sweep
of it all.

Sweet dreams,
my friend!