Discouragement’s Cure

Discouragement’s Cure

Recently I had an opportunity to visit Bass Pro Shops Big Cedar Lodge on Table Rock Lake near Branson, MO for a wedding. Through a front gate, along a winding road, then a scenic ride on a shuttle, brought us to the site of the wedding. At the end of a long underground walkway we emerged to see this magnificent site set in a reflecting pool overlooking Table Rock.

To the left of The End of the Trail sculpture sat the church readied for the wedding. The positioning of the two scenes struck me. When we feel we’ve reached the end of the trail, we must not give up. We need to lift our eyes to see our redemption is at hand. Jesus is as close as the whisper of His name.


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2 thoughts on “Discouragement’s Cure

  1. That sculpture has always given me chills and tears. What incredible artwork with an incredible message in the pose of both horse and rider! Frequently I think about the importance of not giving up. We may be so much closer to our goal than we realize.

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