Season’s Change

Season’s Change

In honor of the changing season I pulled these plants from the patio, tucked them in the basement under grow lights, and wrote this poem:

Season’s Change

October has come and gone.
Time to bring plants in before freeze.
Gone is the gentle south wind
and warm summer breeze.

Check the furnace and fireplace.
Make sure they’re ready to go.
Tune up the blower
in preparation for snow.

Pull dead plants from flowerbeds,
winterize the hoses,
rake leaves, sweep the patio
and bed the roses.

Pull out the seed catalogues,
curl up by the fire.
Make a list of spring seeds
you want to acquire.

Welcome winter’s hibernation,
and work’s cessation.


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4 thoughts on “Season’s Change

  1. Perfect description Sally. I have for years “allowed” Winter to make me sad. Love being outside and my dirt therapy. At this season in my life I’m beginning to value cozy and less working for a few months. Stay warm.

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