Covid Crazy

Covid Crazy

Well, as we wind down this Covid 19 year with all the added stress of constant bombardments of political ads, impeachment attempts, and accusations of various kinds, I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the more inventive ways people have decided to avoid the virus.

The lady above made me laugh out loud when I saw this on someone’s Facebook page. Another took a milk carton and made it into a protective barrier. I hope they don’t wear it while driving!

I hope we can soon leave this year with the stress of election fatigue and corona craziness behind us with a new attitude of gratitude that God is still on His throne and really does have everything under control–even though sometimes it doesn’t seem like it.

Perhaps we should take this next year to get to know Him better and learn to love Him more. What do you think?


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3 thoughts on “Covid Crazy

  1. Hysterical masks. Yes, let’s have a spiritual awakening. Our country needs one. I pray we’re not stubborn like a horse or a mule that must be led with bit and bridle to make it obey.

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