Great Inspirational Book

Great Inspirational Book

I stumbled across a great book the other day by Anne Graham Lotz called The Daniel Prayer-Prayer that Moves Heaven and Changes Nations. She bases the book on Daniel 9 where Daniel prays a powerful prayer while the Jews were in Babylon near the end of their 70 year exile. The Jewish people had been hauled off there because of their continued sin of sacrificing their children to the god Molech.

While Daniel was reading the Old Testament book of Jeremiah he learned that the prophet of God had prophesied their captivity years before it happened. He even wrote the name of the leader of Babylon, Cyrus, who would let them go back to their homeland after 70 years before Cyrus was even born.

I encourage you to read this book. It has a lot to say to us in our nation today. It’s available in Kindle, Audiobook, hardcover, paperback, and MP3 CD. Here is the link:

It is a very interesting and inspiring read with many stories sprinkled throughout.


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