Recalling Another Election

Recalling Another Election

The call went out in January 1980. “Come to pray in April in Washington D.C. for the election in November.” Thousands responded. We came in cars, trains, planes and busses–a million of us.

We gathered on the Washington Mall for a day to humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face and a turning from our wicked ways. The day was heavily overcast and looked like it might rain at any moment. As the day progressed, sunlight poured through a single hole in the clouds just over our heads that never moved. By day’s end, we had sunburns. 

When our prayer meeting finished, we made our way to the nearby streets to catch busses to our lodging. I climbed aboard the bus and sat next to a lady. I noticed her coat was wet. A drenched umbrella leaned next to her rain boots. 

“Has it rained today?”

The woman drew back and looked at me as if I was an escapee from the asylum. “All day!” 

I frowned. “We got surburned on the Mall.” 

The lady shook her head and scooted one seat away, as if my insanity was contagious. 

That fall, our nation elected Ronald Regan President.

Last night, thousands of people gathered all over this nation at local churches and in homes to pray once again for the election today. May our Lord raise up God-fearing leaders to guide our nation once again.


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