Fall Rituals

Fall Rituals

One of my fond memories as a child is raking leaves with my dad when we lived in town. Our house sat across from a lot filled with huge walnut trees. We’d rake those leaves into huge piles on the brick street and then light them on fire. 

Those days are gone forever. The brick streets still remain but the house is gone, replaced by a retirement home. No one burns leaves any more, so that delicious aroma is missing also. Those trees have been cut down, and seventy-plus years have passed.

But leaves are still with us. Even though I only have one tree left in my yard, its almost more than I can do to rake those leaves each fall. A couple of years ago I bought a Worx leaf blower that also sucks the leaves and mulches them. It still took me an hour and a half to make this pile and another hour and a half to suck them up. My muscles protested the labor. Maybe it’s time to employ someone else to do the job. 


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