Living Room and Garage Redo

Living Room and Garage Redo

The living room didn’t change much except for decluttering and a new floor treatment. Here’s the new look.

The garage is another matter.

As you can see, the floor had disintegrated and re-bar came up through the surface. I don’t have a picture of the terrible clutter that covered that mess because I didn’t have to nerve to take one. When my sister-in-law and I finished cleaning we had removed 123 cans of spray paint and a half-pickup load of flattened boxes. Before we began there was such and indescribable array of plunder only one car would fit in this spacious almost three-car garage.

After the men hauled off every inch of jack-hammered concrete and insufficient re-bar, they poured a new one. Then the floor looked like this.


This was a great surface because this area became my kitchen for almost three months. Cooking was a challenge because the wiring allowed only one burner on a hot plate plus the refrigerator to operate at once. There was no running water on that level so I used a five-gallon camping bladder to dispense water and a small bucket to catch drips. We used a lot of this garage space to store the main floor furniture. Fortunately, the weather remained warm far into the fall.

I am so grateful for my contractor’s hard work that got us back into the house just before Thanksgiving.

Next week we’ll look at the patio and design details of the kitchen.


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  1. So happy for you to have all that now usable space. It was a good thing you fixed the garage first. Your use of it was ingenious, even though limited, during your kitchen remodel.

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