Jesus’ Invitation

Jesus’ Invitation


My attention was directed recently to the account of Jesus calling Zacchaeus down from the sycamore tree as he passed through Jerico.

1. He didn’t just say, “You there.” He called Zacchaeus by name.

Has Jesus called your name to come to Him?

2. Jesus bid him to come down.

Have you left your old way of living; your old habits, wrong paths, evil thoughts, to come walk the right way of Jesus?

3. Jesus invited Himself to dine with the hated tax collector.

In the middle east, if you share a meal with someone, you will never again be at odds with that person. It’s called a covenant of salt.

Jesus didn’t wait to be invited. He invited Himself. Is Jesus inviting Himself to dine with you today? He wants to share His life with you. Will you come down from your perch and choose to walk with Jesus?

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  1. Yes we all have alot experience how the lord ahe revealed for us alot time and in the night time in sleaping whe desire to se the angels and heavenly vision and alot experience in that the night with Christ and in the morning jot has come and new the power with grace and in peace and exciting mind what that next the day wil bring fort in God thanks and bless and joy and pray,keijo sweden

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