How to Find Natural Gas

How to Find Natural Gas

As a child I watched a family friend find an underground stream by “witching” for water with a willow branch. I looked online to see if people ever found gas using a similar method.

I found a person who claimed to find gas for a gas well using metal rods. I took a couple of old hangers and bent them into an L. I took them to where I’m hoping to have a gas well drilled. Holding the lower part of the L, I held the longer portion out straight in front of me. Slowly, the two rods crossed indicating gas underground.

I asked a well driller if he heard of this method. “Well, I had a guy once who told me where to dig. We found gas down about 60 feet.”

For a further test, I took the rods and held them near my gas stove in the kitchen at home. Immediately, they crossed. Later in the day, I went back to the field on our farm and tested several places. This is the result. (You have to cut and paste the address below into the address bar on your internet in order to see the film clip.)

Do you have any experience with this method of finding natural gas for drilling a gas well?

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