Growing Sweet Potatoes

Growing Sweet Potatoes

I happened on a website the other day telling you how to grow 50-100 pounds of sweet potatoes from one sweet potato. I decided to try it. 

I bought a plastic tub from Walmart with a lid and some potting soil. The sweet potatoes are to be covered half way into the dirt and watered until they form leaves. I’m to cover the box with the lid and leave a small space open to create a humid environment.

The instructor said sweet potatoes really aren’t potatoes at all. They are a member of the morning glory family. Hmmm. Who knew!

I’m supposed to cut the leaves at the nodules on the vines and plant them. Those nodules will grow more plants. We’ll see how this works.

Also, I stuck some white potatoes that had formed eyes into the dirt at the other end of the container. This will give me a head start on my potato crop this year. Our church has a garden with raised beds. I applied for a spot and got one. The advantage of this garden–it has a 10 foot high fence. Hopefully that will keep the squirrels and rabbits out. 

Have you begun planning for a garden this year?


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  1. I was just at Menard’s and they have their seeds out and on sale. I bought snow peas, green beans, arugula, spinach, and cucumber seeds. I actually do have a drawn plan for my garden this year!

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