Giant Prayer Meeting

Giant Prayer Meeting

This past Friday night and Saturday Christians descended on Washington D.C. for prayer meetings similar to Washington for Jesus of 1980 and 1988. This one was labeled led by Jewish/Christian believers in Jesus. Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger, The Harbinger II and The Oracle was one of the organizers. There were additional groups led by James Dobson, Pat Robertson, and Franklin Graham.

The attendees were guided in prayers of repentance so that we might see a revival in our nation. We have gone very far from ordering our lives in line with God’s laws and ordinances.

I took the picture above from my TV of those gathered on the Mall. If you are interested to watch you can see it here: 

Some interesting moments occur at 10:06th hour when a man named Kent Christmas spoke and then again at the 11:06 hour when a lady named Cindy Jacobs spoke. It was a very moving day. I believe the course of the nation has been changed by the prayers of that day from all over the world.


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  1. God hears our prayers….may they be humble & loving as we pray for people here and around the world. Saturday was an amazing event in D.C!

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