Covid Shortages

Covid Shortages

These past seven months we have discovered many things we took for granted in short supply during this Covid 19 episode. Toilet paper seemed to be the most obvious. That was until I started canning the produce from the garden.

At first I though Wal-Mart hadn’t ordered enough lids–until I checked several different outlets to no avail. My son, Josh checked everywhere in the Kansas City area. Nothing.

I then checked the never-fail Every outlet said they were out of stock. I even checked Lehman’s. Their website said, “We will fill the orders we already have, but will not be able to fill more until 2021.”

That set me back a bit. I told my eldest daughter, Jennifer, of the dilemma. True to form, she tapped on her phone. A few days later she informed me, “Oh Mom. I forgot to tell you. You’ll be getting a package any day now in the mail.”

Yesterday, I discovered this package on the front porch. At first, I thought it had been delivered to the wrong address. Nope. It was sent to me. I brought it into the kitchen and opened it. These spilled out. I got around to counting them today. I now am the proud owner of 175 jar lids. I have no idea where she found these. I wonder if I’ll live long enough to use them all!

What have you found in short supply?


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