First Blackberries

First Blackberries

Last year I carefully planted two thornless blackberry bushes in the back yard. This year I strung bailing wire between two metal poles to hold the growing canes. Soon tiny white blossoms set on the bushes.

Before too long small blackberries appeared, as well as hungry birds.

I acquired some PVC pipe from a neighbor who didn’t want her garden cover any longer. It looked a little like the hoops of a Conestoga wagon without the cover or the  wheels. My son, Trey, built a large box to set the PVC pipe every yard along the blackberry area. While we waited for 100 feet of fourteen foot wide netting to arrive, I painted the PVC pipe a dark green.

Last week the netting finally arrived and Trey helped me put it over the hoops.

Today I noticed the birds perching on the netting as they eyed the few ripe blackberries. I crawled in the small opening on a harvest expedition. This is a sample of the first fruit. Hopefully, we’ll enjoy a blackberry pie for our first year’s produce. I wonder, is all this effort worth it?



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4 thoughts on “First Blackberries

  1. YES, YES, it is worth it. Just wait until you pop that very first blackberry in your mouth and you taste the sweet juicy berry! Indeed!

  2. I tried growing thornless blackberries at our last home with supports and all. We got a few berries to mature each year but found it hard to pick them. Must have been the variety. We know why blackberries cost so much at the store!

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