Strange Birds

Strange Birds

On Friday and Saturday I attended the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference–only I sat in my kitchen at home in Overland Park. All the classes were held on Zoom. During one of the classes something drew my eyes from the computer screen.

Four tiny birds came to my patio. I don’t know if you can see them in this picture. Perhaps you can make your screen bigger. Two smaller ones that were mostly brown rested on the back of a chair to the right of the table. Another sat on the shepherd’s crook that held pink geraniums and a fourth perched near the top of the folded umbrella. Their front was yellow but their backsides were brown. They stayed long enough for me to grab my phone and snap a quick picture.

Can anyone who is a birdwatcher tell me what kind these birds are? They almost look like canaries from the front.



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2 thoughts on “Strange Birds

  1. It was probably two pairs. The American Goldfinch is one possibility.The Kentucky Warbler is yellow. The Yellow warbler is a possibility the female is all yellow and brown. The male has yellow with reddish-brown streaks on chest. Or it might have been a yellow-throated vireo which is also known to be in the Missouri / Kansas area. Each has another distinguishing trait but they are so small in your photo that I cannot decipher.

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