Christmas 2019

Christmas 2019

The weather this year at Christmas was exceptional. It was so warm the kids ate outside and stayed outdoors most of the afternoon. In the spirit of gift-giving (in honor of the best gift of all–Jesus) I made each one a warm blanket for their gift this year. At one point someone suggested everyone put on their new blankets for a quick pic. This is the result.

I think I made 22 in all. Couples got double wide ones. I used a looped yarn that doesn’t require knitting or crochet needles. Yea!

Here are a couple of pre-Christmas picks I took.


A finished one.                          The young ladies also received hats and scarves.

I wonder what I’ll do for next year. Any suggestions?


My newest book, The Road Home, an account of my husband’s lung cancer and God’s faithfulness to widows, is now available in paperback and eReader on here.


4 thoughts on “Christmas 2019

  1. Dear Sally,

    What wonderful gifts to receive at Christmas time. I love your comment about making double wides. I think that size would be the best fit on me.

    As far as Christmas gift suggestion for your grandchildren for next year, have you ever given thought about electric vehicles. They’re the rage overseas and are sure to catch on here to help fight pollution.

    God Bless,

  2. Sally, you put a lot of love energy into making blankets for everyone in the family! Wonderful idea. I have read your new book, THE ROAD HOME, and found it very meaningful. I think it will help a lot of people.

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