A Debt Owed

A Debt Owed

As I watched the Ukrainian conflict on TV this week, I thought of the debt we owe them. You see, in 1874, Ukrainians brought Hard Turkey Red wheat to the U.S. and planted it in Kansas. That is the variety of wheat that makes the bread and rolls we eat every day. 

This variety is responsible for 95% of all wheat grown by 20,000 Kansas farmers. These Kansas farmers produce 18% of all wheat grown in the U.S. Half of all wheat grown in the U.S. is exported to countries all around the world. 

If we put all wheat grown in Kansas in one year on a train, it would stretch from western Kansas to the Atlantic ocean. That is 328 million bushels of wheat. Almost 1/5 of all the wheat grown in the U.S. comes from 8.5 million Kansas acres. 

So the next time you sink your teeth into a yummy burger, thank God for the immigrants who brought their wonderful wheat seeds from a place so in need of our prayers today.


My facts are taken from this website:https://nationalfestivalofbreads.com/nutrition-education/wheat-facts

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