Update to Natural Gas Well

Update to Natural Gas Well

Last fall I posted a blog on how to locate natural gas underground with two coat hangers.https://sallyjadlow.com/how-to-find-natural-gas/?preview_id=4365&preview_nonce=bcb65bb450&preview=true

Many people thought I might have a screw loose. I applied to the state of Kansas for a drilling permit. Then I engaged a well driller. This past week they moved their drilling rig onto my property and placed the drilling rig at the place my coat hangers crossed. 

This past Thursday afternoon I went to see how they were doing. If they didn’t hit gas by 600 feet, it would be declared a dry hole and I’d be out the drilling fees with no gas to show for it.

When I arrived in late afternoon they were at 318 feet. Shortly, the drill went to 325 feet. We hit a powerful natural gas deposit that will heat a house for many years to come!

Someone asked me how I knew to look for gas in this manner. I Googled it, of course. Isn’t that how you learn lots of stuff? 

10 thoughts on “Update to Natural Gas Well

  1. Yes, googling is how we learn lots of stuff–not always accurate stuff either. But I saw people “divine” for water when I was a kid so I knew that worked. I heard about the coat hangers for gas. Someone tried it near our farm’s natural gas well. Obviously, it worked. However, that hardly seems to count since it was already drilled. HA!
    When do I get to visit? You know that’s what happens when you succeed, right? People want to congratulate you in person. Hope to see you soon!

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