The Magic Blanket

The Magic Blanket

A few years ago I made blankets for each person in the family for their Christmas present. They look knitted, but it’s only a series of one loop stuffed into the next one. 

My daughter told me recently, “We love our magic blanket. Whoever gets under it falls asleep immediately.”

I’ve had some trouble going to sleep lately so I decided to try the magic blanket that we keep draped across a chair in the family room. Instant sleep. Rather than take it off the chair every night, I decided to make one for the bed. 

I started it last weekend. Who knows how long it will take to finish!

This blanket will eventually measure about 4′ x 7′. It will take six to seven skeins of Bernat Blanket-EZ Stripes. Then maybe I’ll get several night’s sleep in a row!

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