A Curious Observation

A Curious Observation

As I drove down a main street Sunday I noticed a curious thing. There were a preponderance of political signs in the median urging people to vote for various candidates in the election to be held tomorrow. As I looked closer, there were many wire supports for signs with nothing on them. Then it dawned on me. These were the “Vote Yes” signs for the Value Them Both campaign to regulate abortion in Kansas. They had been stolen by those who don’t want those voices heard. 

The people with the “Vote Yes” signs find them missing almost as soon as they place them in their yards. One of my daughters has had her signs stolen at least four times in the past month. 

Soon after I put the pictured sticker on my back window, someone passing by tried to remove it while I parked in a public parking lot.

If the “Vote No” proponents have their way, Kansas will become an abortion magnet, permitting abortion up to the day of birth like California and New York. 

Perhaps my “Vote Yes” sign here on this blog will not be stolen. I remember the scripture I wrote about a few weeks ago: Ezekiel 35:6b: . . .since you have not hated bloodshed, therefor bloodshed will pursue you. https://sallyjadlow.com/a-word-from-the-lord/


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  1. The other side really doesn’t want fairness, or they would not be stealing signs. All those pregnancies are babies with souls. Pray that Kansas voters do the right thing and cherish life.

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