A Couple of Great Websites

A Couple of Great Websites

Photo by Poppy Thomas Hill

There are a couple of great websites I follow every day. The first is GiveHim15.com from Dutch Sheets for prayer strategies for our nation and world. He is a great source of encouragement.

The second is a newer list to me. It’s elijahlist.com. A recent post, “This Month, Push Into Him for Miracles” by Jamie Rohrbauch was an excellent one. In the article she gives some very practical suggestions for seeing God move in your life.

Both sites can come into your phone or other device, ready to read each day.

These websites agree with my spirit. God IS on the move. He is making His name a praise in all the earth. He is calling those who will join Him in these days. Are you one of His? Are you growing in realtionship with Him? Have a blessed week!

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