False Believers

False Believers

As I write this, it has now been five months since my husband left his earth suit behind and entered heaven. I am daily filled with joy when I think where he is in Jesus’ presence.

Since his transfer, I have promised myself to read more. One book, given me by a dear friend entitled, Hope for an Aching Heart by Margaret Nyman, was a very blessed read.

I bought another book recommended to me the other day. The cover claims it a “National Bestseller” and a National Book Award Winner entitled The Year of Magical Thinking  by Joan Didion. She is a well-published author of articles and books. Her work appeared in such places as Vogue, Saturday Evening Post, Esquire, and Life to name a few.

Joan’s husband died instantly at the dinner table of a burst aorta, a “widow-maker”. She goes into great description of her inconsolable grief and the near-loss of their daughter during and after her husband’s death. Although she and her husband claimed to be Christians, I found this book very depressing because of her lack of faith.

On page 149 of this book, Joan says, “I did not believe in the resurrection of the body. . . . Nor had my Catholic husband.”

In my view, if you call yourself a Christian, you take the word of God as a fact–a done deal. Jesus wasn’t making up stuff when He spoke. His bodily resurrection from death isn’t an option of belief for Christians. He DID rise from death. He promised we will too, if we put our faith and trust in Him.

I found the last line of Joan’s book the saddest of all. “No eye is on the sparrow . . .”

How many people call themselves Christian yet don’t believe the founder of our faith?


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