In Matthew chapter 18:21-35, Jesus speaks of the necessity of forgiveness. In essence, He says if we don’t forgive those who have wronged us, we will be handed over to the torturers (verse 34) in the New American Standard Version. In the King James Version, they used the word jailers instead of torturers.

In the Greek according to BlueLetterBible.org that word means:
“one who elicits the truth by the use of the rack, an inquisitor, torturer also used of a jailer doubtless because the business of torturing was also assigned to him.”

We need to forgive others in the same measure we have been forgiven. If we don’t, we’re not only putting ourselves in jail when we refuse to forgive, we are actually turning ourselves over to the rack! Since Jesus forgives us all our guilt when we come to Him, we are to follow His lead and do likewise.

Is there a person you need to forgive so you can avoid the rack?


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