What You Can Grow in a Small Garden

What You Can Grow in a Small Garden

This year I decided to jump in and plant a raised garden at my church surrounded by a twelve-foot fence to keep the varmints out. It’s only four by twelve feet but has produced abundantly.

To date, I’ve harvested 38 zucchini off three plants, 11 green peppers, 15 pounds of potatoes, four pounds of green beans, 2 okra, and 81 tomatoes. Currently growing are more green beans, tomatoes, okra, and cantaloupe. 

I plan to remove the plants that are finished growing and add fall crops like cauliflower, kale, turnips, pumpkins, beets and broccoli. 

It certainly helps to keep squirrels and rabbits at bay with that high fence. I think I’m in for next year. Have you grown a garden this year?


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  1. Sally, you are getting wonderful garden results! You inspire others. As we take in God’s Word, in our spirits, the Lord can provide a “high fence” to keep doubts and fears out.

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