Update on a 9/11 Story

Update on a 9/11 Story

CREW In God’s Little Miracle Book II I wrote a story told to me by a life-time friend, Grant Besley entitled, “My Unforgettable Night.”

Grant was the Captain of a United Airlines 747 jet on a fourteen-hour flight from Los Angeles headed for Sydney, Australia, on September 11, 2001. He got the word about the ongoing tragedy in the east as they flew in the dark over the Pacific Ocean. They discovered terrorists aboard their plane. He told me, “I wondered if we would survive the night.”

He and his crew did survive to tell the tale. On the 10th of July 2013, eleven years and 10 months after that fateful day of 9/11, Grant was a passenger in a small plane piloted by a friend. The plane spiraled out of control and crashed 200 feet short of the Taos, NM runway. Grant had logged over 30,000 hours of flight time in his life. He died doing what he loved best. Rest in peace, my friend.

In the above picture, Grant is the second man on the right shown here with his crew that flew together that frightful night. If you would like to read more of his story, go to God’s Little Miracle Book II.It’s available for Nook readers here. It’s available in e-reader and paperback.

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