There’s Always Free Cheese

There’s Always Free Cheese

cheese and mouseThe bumper sticker read “There’s always free cheese . . . in a mousetrap.” I saw this a week ago on the way home from church. Now if I could just remember the phrase and apply it to my life.

Yesterday a trusted friend sent me an offer of free tickets on Southwest Airlines. Without a second thought, I punched the “Click Here” button. Were there really free tickets? Where would I like to go?

My computer thought a few seconds, then a sign appeared on the screen from my spyware. “Warning! This may contain malware! Do not continue!”

Meanwhile, the freebie message automically went to my Facebook and invited all my friends to a free airline ticket also. Someone wrote back immediately, “Hoax! This is to get your password. Delete this!”

Now that’s a great idea . . . except how do you delete such garbage? I hadn’t a clue and spent the next two hours trying to figure it out.

To the best of my knowledge, I removed it from Facebook and sent out an apology along with a suggestion for those who opened it to change their password.

Maybe that experience will burn the bumper sticker message into my brain. “There’s always free cheese . . . in a mousetrap!”

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