The Price of Unforgiveness

The Price of Unforgiveness

“I’ll never forgive him–ever!”

Her words hung in the air as I prayed what to say. Would she ever hear any words of caution if I said them? I doubted she was aware of the scripture warning in Matthew 18: 21-35 that ends with, “My heavenly Father will do the same to you, if each of you does not forgive your brother from his heart.”

You see, the slave owed his master 10,000 talents which the slave could not ever repay. His wife and children would be sold to make partial payment on the debt. But the compassionate master forgave the debt in full.

Later when a fellow slave owed him 100 denarii, that forgiven slave demanded payment in full. When the master heard about the incident, he asked the slave why he didn’t show the same compassion to the fellow slave that was shown to him. The master turned the unforgiving slave over to the torturers (some translations say “threw him in jai”l) until the last penny was paid off. Even if the slave sold his wife and children, the debt would never be paid. That’s the point in the story when Jesus says His heavenly Father will do the same to us if we don’t forgive our brother from our heart.

Someone once said, “Unforgiveness is like eating poison and hoping the other guy dies.” Continuing to walk in unforgiveness is like hiking a thin rock-filled ledge over a bottomless canyon. Are you willing to continue in unforgiveness?

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