The Lost is Found

The Lost is Found

In preparation for a talk on my book Hard Times in the Heartland last weekend at the Kimberling City, Missouri Library, Meet the Author Festival, I needed to find  the letters my  dad wrote to Mom and I during WW II. I hunted from the attic to the basement. The longer I looked the more frustrated I became. Had I thrown them away by accident when everything was in total disarray when my house received a new update last year? To see that post go here:

Finally, I prayed and asked the Lord to help me find them. I mentioned my dilemma to a friend.

“Oh, pray to St. Anthony. He’ll find them for you.”

I replied, “Well, I’ve already prayed to Jesus. I’m just waiting to hear what He has to say.”

“I’m telling you. St. Anthony is the man.”

As I prayed again to Jesus I felt that I should “Look deeper.” Hmmm. Deeper. What did that mean, exactly?

Going to the basement I surveyed each stack of boxes. In the north-west corner I removed each box from the collection. There, in the bottom box, I found the treasure I’d prayed for.

I’m so glad nothing escapes my Lord’s notice, even when my ageing brain forgets.


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