Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning


Okay. March is finally here. Winter appears to be loosening its grip (hopefully). It’s time to start spring cleaning. I took a hard look at the garage floor the other day. Because one of our cars spends a lot of time on unpaved roads, I had great globs of mud caked on the new garage floor. After spending too much time shoveling several pounds of the stuff with the snow shovel, I swept, then took a hose and did a thorough swipe with the broom.

While I did this mindless task, my creative muse had room to get loose. Below are some of the poems that came to mind.

Spring Cleaning

My garage floor sighs
as I scrape, chisel, and sweep.
“Ah! I can see again,”
he says softly
as I give one final swipe with the broom
to remove winter’s caked-on mud,
as we both hope for a soon-to-come spring.



Ashes to ashes
and dust to dust.
As I sweep the garage floor
I wonder who I’m ushering out the garage door.


Winter of 2018-2019

Old Man Winter
and Mother Nature
have had quite an affair
this season.

Hopefully, she’ll kick him out the door soon
to make room for Blooming Spring
so BS can quickly settle into the spare bedroom.


Which poem do you choose?


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