Six-word Short Stories

Six-word Short Stories

It is said that Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a six-word story. His response: “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.”

This past week I attended a group offered by Hospice on grief writing. Our assignment: write a six-word story.

These are some of my responses:

Cancer devours, brings down good man.

Seeming arthritic hip reveals cancer diagnosis.

Future plans dashed by cancer doctors.

Death dies when Jesus rises. Surprise!

Seeming defeat swallowed up in victory.

Jesus brings joy in sorrow’s wake.

Now I pass the challenge on to you. I invite you to share your six-word stories with the rest of us. They can be on any subject–just remember, only six words.

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2 thoughts on “Six-word Short Stories

  1. Thank you, Sally, for this post and for your kindness at the Wordwrights’ retreat on Saturday.
    I wrote two six word stories about my husband Dean:
    Gone too soon. Gone to heaven.
    Drawing about God. Drawing from God. (My husband was an artist as well as a believer in Jesus Christ.
    You are a blessing, Sally.

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