Serendipitous Surprise

Serendipitous Surprise

This past Friday Channel 4 set up broadcasting in Overland Park downtown under the clock tower. I had seen Mark Alford speaking about D-Day the day before.  I got the notion to take him my Hard Times in the Heartland book that includes stories about my dad during WW II in France and Germany.

When I arrived a crowd gathered behind Mark and Abby Eden. Did I dare approach them? Would someone stop me?

I observed one man walk up to Mark, chat with him, and walk on. If he did it, I guessed I could also. While they were on commercial break, I walked over and greeted Mark. He very graciously welcomed me.

I said, “I brought you something you might enjoy.,” then handed him the book.

He asked if I had other books of history and seemed genuinely interested. “Will you sign it for me?”

I whipped out a pen, signed it, and stepped back–didn’t want to get in the way, and left.

My phone started to blow up with calls soon after. I guess Mark showed the book on TV and said he was going to read it.

When I got home after my errands I sent Mark an email thanking him for the favor. While I was on the Fox website I noticed they had links to their day in Overland Park and clicked on one of them. There it was! I didn’t have to miss it after all.

If you’d like to see it, it’s about 30 seconds into the clip here.


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