Pregnancy Then and Now

Pregnancy Then and Now

As I stood in line at the Dollar Store I spied this the other day. How times have changed!

When we were married almost fifty-eight years ago the scenario went like this:

  1.  You got married.
  2.  One day you missed a cycle.
  3.  Soon after you felt sick.
  4.  You went to the doctor.
  5.  They took a urine sample and sent it to a lab.
  6.  The lab injected a rabbit with your urine.
  7.  About two weeks later, if the rabbit died, the doctor congratulated you. You were having a baby.

Now, you go to the Dollar Store. Buy this test for a buck. Take it home and follow the instructions. In three minutes–bam! You know if you’re about to need to buy baby clothes.

I’ll bet a lot of rabbits are happy! What do you think?


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