Only 56 Days!

Only 56 Days!

Everywhere you turn, you hear of frozen pipes, cars in ditches from icy roads, and caution to get your animals inside from the frigid cold this winter. With all this in mind, I wrote a poem called Winter Blech.

Winter Blech!

Bare trees.
All gone dormant.
Plants reside in the basement,
under grow lights.

Bee hives are secured
for the winter
with mouse guards
at the entrance.

Time to settle in
for the long wait
’til we see Jonquils again.

As of today, January 23, 2024, Spring is only 56 days away! Now, don’t you feel better?

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4 thoughts on “Only 56 Days!

  1. Beautiful picture.
    Great description of Winter too. We decided to go North to retire. What were we thinking?

    1. No. It’s not a trap. It’s a little device placed at the hive entrance to make it impossible for a mouse to crawl inside and get warm. The bees keep the hive in the 90s year-round.

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