Novel Idea

Novel Idea

One of the most unique gifts given this Christmas was a head scratcher. I inquired and learned it was from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It took some searching, but I finally found it there for a mere $4.

I love it. It has no batteries to replace and it gives a great massage. It’s easy to use. Just grab the handle, put the fingers on your head, and plunge away.

If scratching your head causes creative juices to flow, you might want to invest in this item for yourself. If you come up with a best-selling novel or the greatest invention since zippers, I won’t ask for a percentage. A thank you note will do.

At the least, it’s extremely relaxing and cheaper than a trip to the beauty shop for a shampoo and cut, although it doesn’t do any styling. You’ll still have to go to your beauty operator for that.

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