New Definitions

New Definitions

As I grow older, I’m more and more aware that words have changed meaning.

At one point at a writing critique group I wrote that a character, “slipped into her thongs and dashed out the door.”

After a long silence, one member suggested I might want to change the word “thongs” to “sandals” since thongs now meant skimpy underwear, not shoes.

Another day, I noticed the silver needed polishing. After several trips to Wal-Mart I finally remembered that item. (Hmmm. Can you tell polishing silver isn’t my number one thing to do?)

After hunting the store over, I finally found a clerk. “Can you please direct me to where I can find silver polish?”

With a look that said, “Silly woman!” the young clerk directed me to aisle number two.

I thanked her and headed for that aisle wondering how I could have missed it. When I arrived in aisle two, I was in the nail polish aisle.

I guess people under thirty don’t polish silver and wear thongs on their bottom end and sandals on their feet! God help us all!


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4 thoughts on “New Definitions

  1. I usually call them flip-flops instead of sandals. Sandals usually have straps to hold the foot more securely. I have heard a better name for the aforementioned “skimpy underwear,” but not the best words for a public blog post. Ugh!

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