Leftover Soup

Leftover Soup

Christmas is over, the guests have gone home, and we have a refrigerator full of odd bowls of leftovers. The weather has turned cold and rainy—a good day for soup. I pulled out those snippets and went to work.

I took the bowl full of carrot and celery sticks from the relish tray, chopped them with some onions and leftover ham and threw them together in the skillet and added a little butter.

While those things simmered, I added a carton of chicken broth, a couple cups of water, and a tablespoon of chicken base. I found a container of about a cup and a half of mashed potatoes and added them to the mix along with some salt, pepper and garlic salt. Then I added a peeled and chopped potato.

To thicken the soup, I mixed a tablespoon of corn starch to a cup of water. I simmered all these ingredients for a half hour. Not bad redemption for some leftovers.


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