Jesus’ Fishnet

Jesus’ Fishnet

I read a blog the other day which reminded me of a poem I wrote over forty years ago.


My Lord is making a fishnet.
He is making it fine.
His Spirit wound with us is the twine.

Each one is a knot;
It is a very fine net
To catch up many fish
In this fine mesh.

Jesus is the fisherman;
The harvest will be plenty,
According to His greatness.

Mend your nets, oh My people;
Mend your nets and make them strong
For it won’t be long before I am ready.

If Jesus said that to me over forty years ago, we are forty years closer to his return. From the looks of the world in this day, I am more and more convinced His return in imminent.

What are your thoughts on the subject?


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3 thoughts on “Jesus’ Fishnet

  1. I agree Sally, Jesus said the Generation that sees the Birth pangs is the Generation that will see Him return and that is this Generation.

    But there are still Prophesies that have to be fulfilled before Jesus does return and Raptures the Church, meaning all God knows as His own.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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