It’s Time to Wake Up

It’s Time to Wake Up

Perhaps you’re not familiar with Give Him 15 posted every week-day by Dutch Sheets found on YouTube. In case you missed it I urge you to read a transcript of June 23, 2021. His broadcast for June 24 is another important word for us today. We are very much in danger of losing our freedoms.

Give Him 15

June 23, 2021

It’s Time to Make a Stand

I have, at times, been accused of being too political. Years ago, I chose not to waste my time responding to my critics. I do, however, believe the body of Christ desperately needs a greater understanding of our need to be involved in the governmental process. With that in mind, I want to share a few thoughts regarding this, then comment further on the Biden administration.

I define government simply as the authority to rule or manage a people, entity or organization. This could be a home, business, church, or nation. Politics is the process used to determine who is to implement governmental authority in some of these arenas. In America, this function (government) and process (politics) determine our freedoms, national values, safety and more. This being the case, wisdom, common sense, and responsibility demand high levels of informed involvement on the part of all American citizens. Even more so since our government continues to expand its influence. It now believes it has the right to determine:

  • when life begins – and when it can be ended
  • what and who defines gender
  • who defines marriage
  • what is and is not immoral
  • when churches can gather to worship…and what can be taught while there
  • whom churches and ministries have to hire
  • how much government will tax us, and that they have the right to spend our tax dollars on abortions and buying the aborted babies’ body parts used for research
  • what our children will be taught about life, morals, sex, gender, America’s history and more
  • what we can say and not say
  • what part of the Constitution they will honor
  • and the list goes on.

In light of this, if you are not passionate about our U.S. and local governments, I can only wonder why. No American who does not involve himself or herself – actively and diligently – in the process of determining who gets to make decisions such as those above has ANY right to complain about what is decided. Personally, I also believe they are complicit in the evil generated by their lack of involvement.

Obviously, it is possible to operate in an inappropriate “political spirit.” (I am referring to an “attitude” of the mind and heart, much like a critical spirit. I believe demons do involve themselves in government, but this is not what I am referencing here.) When one blindly supports a political party, or uses the political process simply to gain power and control, they are operating in what many refer to as a political spirit. Being passionate about or actively engaged in who rules governmentally is certainly not inappropriate or operating in a political spirit, however.

I am unashamedly passionate about government, while guarding against a political spirit. I vote, support and fight for biblical values; I do not fight for a political party. As Joshua discovered when confronted by the Captain of the Lord’s host (Joshua 5:13-15), the appropriate question is not whose side God (the Captain) is on. The correct question was then and is now, “Who is on the Lord’s side?” He doesn’t choose sides, we do. Yes, God does fight for those covenantally aligned with Him, and supports those aligned with His truth and virtues, but He is not “politically” motivated. He is truth and justice motivated.

God’s intent is that ALL government, at every level – from a home to a nation – flows from Him and is based on His principles. Holy Spirit clearly spoke to me several years ago saying, “I’m going to teach you about government from a biblical perspective,” He continued, “I not only believe in the function of government, I AM government.” He then took me to Isaiah 33:22, which states that God is our “Lawgiver…Judge…and King.” Our government, with its 3 branches, was formed with this verse in mind. Our Founders intended for America’s government to function under God’s authority. Many of them were pastors. They did not see government or their role in it as extra-biblical, a distraction from their “true” calling, or as being “too political.” Pastors were actually some of the leading voices for independence from Britain’s evil government – from their pulpits. These spiritual leaders would have been incensed and offended at the accusation that their involvement in the process was unbiblical. I concur.

This expression of authority we call government is one of God’s primary means of releasing His justice, peace and righteousness into the earth. It brings freedom, safety and order; without it there is anarchy and injustice. To separate government from God is to, by default, hand over rule to Satan. He then influences humans to pervert God’s intent, using government to promote personal and selfish agendas, to oppress and control. These evils are to government what the spirit of religion is to relationship with God. Both are perversions of what He desired and established in Genesis: relationship with us as His family and Spirit-led management/government of creation (Genesis 1:26-28). We are to now bring His redemption into these two arenas, not abandon them. We should train ourselves to differentiate between government and inappropriate control, including a political spirit. If we do so, we can begin to think of the concept of government as good.

Having explained my position, I now want to comment on our current U.S. government. We must ask – not from a biased, political perspective but based on facts – is the Biden administration against the Bible and the church? You decide. Last month, Christians Engaged, a Garland, TX prayer group, which exists to pray and educate believers on their belief in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, was denied tax exempt status by the IRS. The reason, in their own words: “Specifically, you educate Christians on what the Bible says in areas where they can be instrumental, including the areas of sanctity of life, the definition of marriage, biblical justice, freedom of speech, defense, and borders and immigration, U.S. and Israel relations.” 1

You might want to read that again.

The IRS continued, “The Bible’s teachings are typically affiliated with the D party and their candidates. This disqualifies you from exemption under IRS Section 501(C)(3).” (2) The “D party” is their code name for the Republican party. Did you catch that? The IRS stated that the Bible is more aligned with the Republican party and, therefore, disqualifies those who teach it for tax-exempt status.

First Liberty Institute counsel Lea Patterson said, “The IRS states in an official letter that Biblical values are exclusively Republican. That might be news to President Joe Biden, who is often described as basing his political ideology on his religious beliefs…Only a politicized IRS could see Americans who pray for their nation, vote in every election, and work to engage others in the political process as a threat. The IRS violated its own regulations in denying tax-exempt status [to] Christians Engaged [for teaching] biblical values.” 3

Only the most naïve and deceived could fail to see the total determination of the Left, including those in government, to oppose the teachings of the Bible and silence Christians. It is past time for the church to wake up. From rewriting America’s biblical, Christian history, to intimidation by law enforcement, frivolous lawsuits and IRS attacks, one would have to be blind not to see the vicious attempt to silence us. The frog in the kettle – the church – had better wake up and jump!

The Epoch Times reminds us that, “The IRS under Obama singled out hundreds of conservative, Tea Party, and evangelical tax-exemption applicants for special treatment that included long delays and multiple requests for detailed information about the beliefs and activities of officials associated with the groups.

“Multiple lawsuits were filed against the IRS by such groups, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) agreed in two separate settlements to compensate them for undisclosed amounts.

“The DOJ also acknowledged(4) that the IRS had targeted the groups on the basis of their political and religious activities and beliefs for ‘heightened scrutiny and inordinate delays.’” 5

It is time to wake up, church. It’s time to make a stand, get involved and, most certainly, it is time to pray.

Pray with me:

Father, we thank You for this great nation. [Those of you in other nations, pray for yours.] We thank You for our freedoms and the abundant blessings we enjoy. We also thank You for the system of government we have. I believe You gave us this system of government and our Constitution.

We are in danger of losing much of this. However, we believe You are going to turn this around. We ask You to intervene in America‘s government – strongly. We ask for complete exposure of evil agendas and intentions, and that Your light will be shed on the darkness. We ask for the removal of those who oppose Your ways and principles. Give us honest leaders, righteous leaders and servant leaders. Give us leaders who honor You, the scriptures and Your ways. We know that in order to give us these leaders, it will require an awakening of Your people. We vote them in, You don’t.

Please give us this awakening. Awaken the church to her responsibility of involvement in government and prayer. Break off all deception that says believers should not be involved in government, that they should not be active and passionate about it, and that government is evil. Reveal to them that You ARE government and that You blessed us with the principle of government; reveal that we should passionately involve ourselves in it at a national level, just as we do in governing our homes. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the church will not be silenced and that she is awakening to her role in representing the government of God on the earth.

Click below to watch the prayer.

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