God’s Omnipresence

God’s Omnipresence

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Psalm 139: 7
Where can I go from Thy Spirit? Or where can I flee from Thy presence?

This scripture shows one of the qualities of God—His omnipresence. He is everywhere at all times. He doesn’t go out to lunch or on a vacation. We never get a voice message of, “I’m not here at the moment but if you leave your name and number, I’ll return your call at my earliest convenience.”

No matter the hour, day or night, He is ready and waiting to hear from us. He longs to hear about whatever concerns us, no matter how small or great the need.

He also loves to hear from us just because. If you’re a parent, you know the joy of hearing from your child, even if it’s just to chat. How about setting aside fifteen minutes to have a little chat with our Creator?

Father God, I praise You for Your ever-open ear and heart
to those who will call upon Your name.
May we often take the opportunity to sit in Your presence
and enjoy Your Spirit as we let the world spin on.

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