God Will Have the Last Word

God Will Have the Last Word

Someone sent me this scripture by instant message last week while I was alone on a 24 hour prayer vigil. Even though this scripture was written in one of the oldest books of the Bible, I think it is relevant to these days in which we find ourselves. It’s quite obvious that the Democratic Party is attempting a bloodless coup. May God be true to His word. I’ve taken this quote from The Complete Jewish Study Bible which I am reading through this year.

Job. 5:12-16 reads, “He frustrates the schemes of the cunning, so that they achieve no success; trapping the crafty in their own tricks and foiling quickly the plans of the false. They meet with darkness during the day, groping at noon like at night. But He saves the poor from the sword, their mouth, and from the clutches of the strong; so the poor can hope again; and injustice shuts its mouth.”

I find it curious that at the time of this writing, November 16, 2020, that the media insists on calling Joe Biden the President-elect when as yet, not one state has certified their votes. Who appointed the media the official certifier of votes?


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