Gas Well Found

Gas Well Found

In September, 2021 I showed how to find a gas well using two hangers. To see a demonstration of this method, go to this website and click the link in that post. . This winter, our farm house is heated with the gas I found using two wire hangers. We no longer use expensive propane.

In February 2022 the well drillers drilled where I told them the wires crossed. They drilled in that spot and found gas at 325 feet. The well has 68 pounds of pressure. To heat a house you only need two pounds of pressure. 

Now the only expense is to pay the state of Kansas $25 a year to register a working well.

Sometimes the simple ways work best.


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  1. Was the well expensive to start? And, I wonder about water wells. Could that be the same? I guess you’d have to test the quality and all. And, then, there’s cisterns which could supply some of the water we use. Fascinating.

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