Garden Planting

Garden Planting

With the snow we had last week our garden-planting has gotten a late start.

Josh and I tried planting carrots and radishes but the seeds are so small you can’t locate them to know how deep to cover them with dirt.

I took some Elmer’s water soluable glue and attached them to toilet paper. Each seed is three inches from the other so they won’t have to be thinned later. The radishes are between the carrots.

That way, radishes spring up quicker than carrots. When the radishes are harvested it will give the carrots more room to grow until later into the season.

Hope this works! Have you ever planted these two vegetables this way before?


4 thoughts on “Garden Planting

  1. No, I have not. Keep us posted. I’d like to know how your experiment turns out, especially the Elmer’s glue part. By the way, great way to use excess Toilet Paper, if you’re one of those who stocked up on TP during the plan-demic or covid panic.

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