A New/Old Way to Plant Corn

A New/Old Way to Plant Corn


This is my second year trying to grow a garden. My late husband was the gardener in the family. Now, it’s up to me.

Last year my attempts fell woefully short so I bought gardening books and even pulled out a couple my dad used about forty years ago. Armed with heirloom seeds from Planter’s, a fascinating seed store in downtown Kansas City, I set out to try again. I chose heirloom seeds rather than hybrid so I can grow my own seeds for next year.

I’m using a new method to grow corn. The idea is from Native Americans. It’s called The Three Sisters.

You plant six seeds in a circle two feet across. When the seedlings are five inches high, you plant pole beans beside each corn plant. The corn provides the beans a place to climb. The beans return the favor by enriching the soil.

One week later you plant squash.  The squash’s runners spread their large leaves around the area and keep the ground cool and the dark discourages weed growth.

The Indians put a fish head in with each corn seed. I’m not a fisherman, so I’ll have to skip that part. Maybe I’ll just put some fish emulsion in the watering can.

Every two weeks you plant more corn in new circles so there will be a constant harvest through the summer.

Have you ever planted corn this way? I hope this works!


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  1. I love working with heirloom seeds. When I was a kid, we kept the seeds from everything. I especially remember the seeds from watermelon and cantaloupe drying on old newspaper. After they were dry, they were stored in jars for the following year. We grew the yummiest watermelon.

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