Dreams & Visions

Dreams & Visions

world map.2. “‘And it shall be in the last days,’ God says, ‘That I will pour forth of My Spirit on all mankind; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams’” (Acts 2:17).

Recently an older gentleman in my Bible study approached me after our weekly session. The lesson on the CD that week dealt with interceding for revival.

“Chaplain, I had a dream last night. In the dream I was conducting a small prayer meeting with six or so people. We were praying for revival. The next week, twice as many came. The following week there were so many attendees, we had to move to a larger space. I was so surprised. I’m no leader or pastor.”

“You don’t have to be. All you have to be is willing, my friend.”

“But chaplain. I don’t dream. I don’t dream!”

This next week I’ll have to share the above scripture with him. He just might be the right age to receive dreams from the Lord.

I believe God is raising up people to pray; ordinary people like you and me to pray for a revival like we’ve never seen before.

About forty years ago I had a vision when several of us gathered for our weekly prayer meeting. I saw Jesus with a basket of dry leaves walking across a map. When He got to Kansas City, He stopped and dumped the leaves right on top of the city. Then He knelt, cupped His hands, and blew on the dry leaves. They caught fire and the live embers began to fly in every direction. Small fires lit all over the map.

Within a few months, several from that small prayer meeting moved to Colorado, Australia, Omaha and Tulsa. In the places they moved, they saw Him repeat what He did in our little Kansas City group in their new cities.

Many times God’s prophecy has an immediate fulfillment, but often there is a later fulfillment He intends farther down the road.

Perhaps God is about to do it again. Will you join with us in prayer for a sweeping revival?

To read about the things God did and continues to do, read my accounts in my series God’s Little Miracle Book.

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