Custom Cabinet Features

Custom Cabinet Features

You may think this is a trash bin, but it isn’t. It’s my flour bin. It’ll hold thirty pounds of flour and behind the plastic tub is enough room for my bread pans. When I bake bread I make nine loaves at a time. Two thirds of the flour comes from this bin. I grind the other third from wheat berries in my flour mill.

Next to the flour bin sits my mixing bowls, hand mixer, and toaster. Since I usually have toast every morning for breakfast, I had the electricians place a plug under the counter so I can pop the bread in the toaster in the drawer. When I’m finished, I simply roll the drawer back in and close the doors.

The bottom drawer of that unit contains the necessary items to make cookies. With fourteen grandchildren, the first thing they ask is, “Grandma, you got any cookies?”

The flour bin and toaster all sit under the big mixer. The mixing spoons and silverware sit directly under the mixer.

We had only one glitch when the kitchen came together. When the men came to install the quartz counter top, I left some bowls sitting in this drawer above the flour bin. In their single-mindedness, they glued the counter top down securely. Later I opened the drawer. Those bowls will be in there till Jesus comes, but I can still use the drawer–just not the back third.

As I get older, I grow less fond of stretching to put dishes away so they now go in a drawer with pegs in it, in the island directly across from the dishwasher. The drawer below holds baking pans.

To the left of the black quartz sink I have two bins; one for trash, the other for recycle. I chose the black sink because I’ve spent my entire life making white sinks white. Now, I don’t have to anymore.

On the island directly across from the stove is storage for pots and pans.

Because my laundry duties have decreased, I moved the washer and dryer from the kitchen area to the garage. Now I have room for my pantry in that space. I also have my printer and wheat mill on a roll-out shelf under the center set of shelves.

I no longer need a 3 x 6 foot table so I had the cabinet makers make me a two-seated table where I can sit and write while looking over my backyard.

This concludes my series What A Difference A Year Makes. It’s now been a year and two days since my husband, Vic, died. Our family has made it through the first year. We’re looking forward to new adventures God has for us.


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