Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

Until this week we could have sworn we were still in summer. Then we had a frost warning. The weatherman cautioned us to cover our tender plants. We had to switch the air conditioning and 90 degree days to turning on the furnace. How quickly times change!

In a few days we’ll have to drag the dolly from the garage and perform the arduous task of moving the plants from the patio to the basement. They will stay there until winter has past and spring breezes blow. 

In order to ease my grief I wrote a poem about it.

Fall’s Remorse

The thermometer screams, “Here come the fall blasts.”
Oh, how I wish summer would last.

In order to see them in spring again,
I’ll have to bring the patio plants in,

And hope the grow lights do their duty
keeping them alive for renewed beauty.


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