Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery

By the time this blog is posted, I’ll have two new eyes (almost). When I took the eye exam last year to renew my driver’s license I couldn’t read much from my left eye. When I sat to read a book recently I wondered why the print was so faint. When I drove at night stop lights had halos around them when I looked out my left eye. From the right one, everything appeared slightly doubled.

I made an appointment and discovered I had cataracts with astigmatism. That was news to me. After a month of waiting, I got two appointments with an eye surgeon, one week apart. Now I’ll be able to see Thanksgiving guests with more clarity. Perhaps I can even get back to finish that small print book. I wonder if the print will be darker now.

For this Thanksgiving I’ll be very grateful for eye doctors and their expertise.


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10 thoughts on “Cataract Surgery

  1. Good luck, Sally. Dee’s had both eyes done and got along fine. And happy Thanksgiving–with more clarity! 🙂

  2. Oh Sally, You will love your new vision. I also was not aware how much I was missing and saw the halos when I was driving at night. I had the procedure a couple of years ago and it has made a wonderful difference. It is a miraculous procedure.

  3. I had my cataract done about a year and a half ago, one session for each eye. After recovery – just a short time – I looked in the mirror and wondered who the heck that gray-haired woman was staring back at me! Until I had the cataracts removed my hair seemed its normal gold-ish brown. I never realized that the “gold-ish” color in my hair was really gray. What a surprise! But what really delighted me was that I could read the street signs without squinting and the flowers were much more vivid. It was definitely worth it.

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