An Unwelcome Guest

An Unwelcome Guest

I recently went to the farm to check on the garden and the bees. While there, I noticed some dead branches in the Lilac bush. Since I didn’t want to go to the barn to get the clippers, I reached in and broke off the dead branches. 

A while later my hand began to itch. Then my arm. Then my face. Yep! I hadn’t paid any attention to the other growth in the bush. Poison Ivy. 

I’ve never had that before, nor do I ever want to get it again. I ended up in the minute clinic for a steroid shot and a prescription. In the future, I think I’ll look before grabbing some dead branches!


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2 thoughts on “An Unwelcome Guest

  1. I grew up in California and constantly caught poison oak. I caught it when I was down wind [didn’t even have to touch it]. Caught it when i put my clothes in the washer. Caught it when i mistakenly brushed up against it. Caught it if people burned it. And in KS i caught poison ivy when i picked up an arm load of dry clippings. I’m a poison oak/ivy magnet! Hope you stop itching soon!

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